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Elipse Power HMI

Elipse Power HMI has special features for developing substation applications, providing local operation and remote access to the control center, while also working as a protocol gateway.

Powerful tool for modeling the electrical system, automatically generating SCADA’s operation screens, providing a more reliable and secure system configuration and operation. An intuitive interface, as well as special electrical features like topology processor and command interlocks, deliver security and ease-of-use when operating the system.
Elipse Power HMI is the single tool for system configuration works as a universal development platform. Its modern, friendly environment includes an electric CAD for modelling the system and standardizing measurements, a tool for automatically creating operation diagrams, and data structure based on IEC 61970 (CIM) standard. Projects can be edited by different users simultaneously for team-work purposes.


Electrical System Model

It is designed using an integrated Power CAD Editor that automatically generates operation diagrams and equipment structure based on IEC 61970 (CIM) standard.

Topology Processor

The topology processor algorithm running over the electrical model automatically animates operation diagrams with no need for programming. This algorithm identifies the substation’s different voltage levels via customized colors and also signals energized and de-energized branches.

Screen Import

Automatically generates all the operation’s single-line diagrams.


Automatically imports tags from the IEDs via IEC 61850, drastically reducing configuration time when setting communication tags.


Allow configuring command types, measurements and colors in a unique interface for all system devices.


A unified interface for configuring HMI and gateway reduces engineering and commissioning costs. In addition to working as an HMI (human-machine interface), it can also work as a communication getaway, converting protocols and sending data to another control center, for example.


Protocols available: IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-101/102/103/104, DNP3, ICCP, among others.


  • Reduced engineering and maintenance costs
  • Reduced commissioning costs
  • Provides a secure and reliable operation with consistent information
  • Preserves previous costs due to being easily integrated to any type of protocol or legacy device


Substations 1
Viewers 1
Drivers* n
I/O points 100 to 10,000
Storage 100 to 10,000
Hot-Standby Yes (optional)
Viewers-Only 1 (optional)
Additional modules N/A

*I/O drivers are purchased separately, according to the product’s needs, and added to Elipse Power HMI’s copy.
For larger systems, we recommend using Elipse Power Industry.

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