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Sigfox driver is released by Elipse Software


 The Internet of Things (IoT) is already an important part of our current world. Thanks to its technologies, we can now connect thousands of devices from the real to the virtual world, thus generating not only new automation possibilities, but also more efficiency and productivity. This is the context where Sigfox was founded, in 2009. Sigfox is a French global network operator that builds wireless networks to connect low-power objects, such as electricity meters and smartwatches, to an Internet cloud. Thus, it allows these devices to be continuously on and emitting small amounts of data.

Developed by Elipse Software, this driver integrates applications from Elipse’s main platforms to the Sigfox network. It also allows the IoT Sigfox Ready devices connected to the operator’s network to send their data to Elipse systems. Before planning to implement the Sigfox driver, make sure to check if both the device and the application to be connected to the cloud are located within one of the company’s coverage area.


Sigfox network architecture

The Sigfox network is currently available in 58 countries. According to WND, the company implementing this network in Brazil, it is estimated that over 20 million devices in the country will have been connected to it by the end of 2019. As of today, the network is installed in all Brazilian state capitals and all cities with more than 200 thousand inhabitants. The company is focused in serving different sectors of the country’s economy, such as agribusiness, security, logistics, and connected cities, among others.

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