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Elipse Plant Manager

Elipse Plant Manager is a powerful platform that works as a fundamental vector in the ongoing search for better quality, fewer costs, and higher operational efficiency. With EPM, you can collect data from different sources, store it, and contextualize it; this platform offers high recording and querying performances, in addition to many visualization and analysis tools that speed up your knowledge retrieval process.

Its data handling, compression, and retrieval technologies offer high recording and querying performance, and its visualization and analysis tools provide a collaborative environment for handling information more quickly, reliably and scalably. This allows for the development of industrial intelligence and analysis applications, improving real-time decision making.



EPM Interface Server is the module responsible for retrieving data at its origin, applying an optional compression algorithm before final storage at EPM Server, which secures data integrity even after a connection shortage (Store and Forward). The available interfaces are OPC DA, Elipse Power, and Elipse E3, with over 400 I/O drivers available for most devices in the market. There are also database interfaces such as MS SQL Server®, Oracle DB® and others via OLEDB connection.

Storage and Management

The platform’s main core is EPM Server, responsible for data management and storage as time series, resulting in less disk space cost, high processing capacity and great performance when responding to query requests and writing data. You can also create customized mechanisms for accessing and manipulating data via EPM User API (in .Net) or EPM Python SDK (in expressions or applications developed in Python). These mechanisms allow generating indicators or trends from calculations triggered by value changes or by scheduling. Elipse Plant Manager is also an OPC UA server, allowing real-time and historical series queries via other OPC clients, including user-object definitions, annotations, and event management.

Analysis and Visualization

EPM Analysis tools allow extracting relevant information from process data, suitable for each organizational level, which makes EPM the right platform in your decision-making process. The most common way of analyzing and visualizing data is via electronic spreadsheets, such as Microsoft Excel using EPM Add-in, but other tools could also be used for this purpose, such as:

  • EPM Studio
  • Elipse E3, Elipse Power, and EPM Viewer
  • DataWeb Parts for Microsoft Sharepoint corporate portal
  • Microsoft SQL Reporting Services’ Reports (SSRS)
  • App Mobile (Windows Phone, Android, iOS, Web)



Quicker Decision-Making Process: Different ways to follow up key performance indicators (KPIs) and faster analyses allow a more agile decision-making process.

Assertive Actions and Process Improvement: Operational indicators and predictions of control actions are some of the resources that help managers act more efficiently at the process.

Higher Profitability: Centralizing information means a complete operational visibility of your business, therefore generating macro performance indicators and real-time actions to help fix any deviations.

Flexible Analyses: The integrated analyses environment includes several tools to analyze data, including KPI calculations and actionable information. The tools provided by Python language dramatically reduce the time spent developing reports or obtaining insights by means of its open source libraries like time series, optimization, neural networks, fuzzy, SPC and Complex Events, among others.

Process Availability: Ongoing data analysis helps you plan for stops and maintenance, keeping the process available and operational at its most.

Single View of the Whole Process: With EPM interfaces and modelling tools, the whole team can have the same source of process data, avoiding islands of local information.


Elipse Plant Manager handles real-time and historic information from several different types of processes and systems, as well as from utilities and infrastructure (Energy, Water & Wastewater, Data Centers, Smart Buildings) to enable integration between corporate levels.EPM_Arq_enu


EPM Studio

This integrated tool is responsible for analyzing and visualizing data. It can also be used to run, manage, and set up the whole EPM platform, creating a collaborative environment and reducing maintenance costs.

EPM Interface Server

It connects to data sources, pre-processes data, and sends it to EPM Server. Available communication interfaces are: OPC DA, Elipse Interface (E3 Gateway/E3 Server/ Elipse Power) – with native redundancy option –, and databases (OLE DB).

EPM Addin

A module that allows using Microsoft Excel® as a query and analysis tool.

EPM Server

The platform’s core, responsible for storing and querying data, with native redundancy support via clustering.


Components for Microsoft Sharepoint® corporate portal.

EPM View

Multi-user environment for creating real-time displays of operational and business data, based on Elipse E3 and integrated via OPC UA.

Available Packages

EPM Server

Supports any EPM interface.

EPM Server Lite

Can be used with Elipse platforms only (Elipse E3, Elipse Power, or E3 Gateway), as many as needed.

Both EPM Server and EPM Server Lite allow for adding packs of variables (Tags) and Clients for simultaneous connections with EPM Server afterwards. The first one enables the increase in the number of variables receiving process data and/or estimates of performance indicators; the second one enables the access to information via visualization and analysis tools  (EPM AddIn for MS Excel,  EPM Studio, EPM Webparts for MS Sharepoint, EPM SDK in Python, Trend Explorer, client tools for third-party-OPC UA, etc.).

““After implementing EPM at Santo Antônio Hydroelectric Power Plant, we were able to access information more easily, which helped us make decisions more quickly and accurately. We needed to obtain operational data from turbines faster, and we achieved that thanks to the Elipse platform.””

Samuel Monteiro Grazinoli Maintenance Supervisor

Check out real stories of Elipse Plant Manager applications in different areas.

  • Elipse Software’s platforms optimize decision making for CCR Group in Bahia

    CCR group, one of Latin America’s largest infrastructure concession companies, uses Elipse E3, Elipse Power, and Elipse Plant Manager to automate and maintain equipment and subsystems in metro stations and bus terminals at Salvador and Lauro de Freitas Metro System (SMSL)

    Industry: Infrastructure Solution: Process Operation
  • Epasa increases the operational efficiency of its plants in 25% with Elipse’s platforms

    Combined, Termoparaíba and Termonordeste constitute the second largest oil-fueled thermal power plant in Brazil and the fifth largest worldwide

  • CPFL Renováveis upgrades its SCADA system to the Elipse platform and increases its operational efficiency in 35%

    One of the largest SCADA applications in the Brazilian electric sector, with over 700,000 points, now has a new system with a simpler, more intuitive high-performance interface

    Industry: Energy Solution: Generation Plants
  • Elipse Plant Manager integrated to an Advanced Control application at Klabin

    Elipse Software’s solution is employed as the infrastructure for an Advanced Control application with TriNMPC, Trisolutions’s controller, at Klabin’s Monte Alegre Industrial Unit

    Cliente: (Português do Brasil) Klabin Industry: Infrastructure
  • Elipse Software’s platforms generate savings for Echoenergia

    Developed by Energia Automação and based on Elipse Power’s and Elipse Plant Manager’s framework, the ea-Wind solution controls Santa Rosália and São Clemente windfarm complexes

    Cliente: Echoenergia Industry: Energy Solutions: Wind Farms Management, Generation Plants, Smart Grid & Power
  • Faster operational at Elektro’s DOC with Elipse solutions

    Elipse Power and Elipse Plant Manager are instrumental in helping one of the largest electricity distribution companies in Brazil meet São Paulo’s 6-million-customer more effectively

    Cliente: Elektro Industry: Energy Solutions: Distribution Centers, Transmission Centers, Smart Grid & Power
  • Decision-making process made easier for Santo Antônio by Elipse Plant Manager

    Elipse Plant Manager (EPM), a platform developed by Elipse Software, centrally manages information on the equipment of Santo Antônio plant, located in Porto Velho, in the Amazon

    Cliente: Santo Antônio Energy Industry: Energy Solutions: Generation Plants, Smart Grid & Power, Private: Energetic Efficiency