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Kley Hertz Pharmaceuticals invests in quality control with Elipse E3


Established in 1947 as a medicinal products distributor in Porto Alegre (city in the Brazilian south), Kley Hertz is currently one of the largest supplier for nonprescription medicines in Brazil. With a staff of over 900 people, the company is present in more than 65,000 pharmacies in the country. Additionally, its product portfolio features around 70 different brands and 200 presentations.

Kley Hertz has decided to employ the software produced by Elipse E3 to automate the data input from process validation. The platform developed by Elipse Software also allows monitoring and recording temperatures and humidity levels used in their climatic chambers for studies in product stability.

Flávio De Boni Joukoski, the Application Engineer at JMD Produtos Eletrônicos, which is the company that has implemented Elipse E3 at Kley Hertz, says the software was indicated for the project due to its great versatility for building applications and to its great visual layout. Other features of the software that factored into this decision were the use of Windows’ Active Directory to authenticate users and the possibility of recording data in a database.