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  • Elipse Software launches platform for integration and continuous data analysis


    EPM Processor allows retrieving, organizing, analyzing, sharing, and monitoring data stemming from processes or from other different sources

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  • Elipse Software becomes AWS Technology Partner


    The partnership agreement aims at extending the company’s business relationship with Amazon, the cloud computing giant

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  • Elipse F4: A platform for Industry 4.0


    The new solution by Elipse can manage manufacturing, connecting any work post in real time

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  • Elipse develops a new Mitsubishi MC Driver


    Driver is compatible with devices in Ethernet networks, which were not supported by the existing Mitsubishi Melsec Q

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  • Elipse Software presents new technology to the Taiwan Power Company


    The smart grid platform was developed to follow Industry 4.0’s concepts and technologies

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  • Works System’s CEOs visit Elipse Software’s headquarters


    WKS’s directors were in Porto Alegre, Brazil, on the first week of February to see Elipse Software’s office

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  • Elipse Plant Manager’s new dashboards portal


    EPM Portal provides, in a web environment, a set of new features for developing, managing, and visualizing dashboards where you can follow process performance indicators

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  • Elipse Mobile’s version 1.4 is released


    Mobile platform by Elipse Software features new formularies for on- or off-line use

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  • Elipse Software develops new driver for Omron


    The CIP Driver for the Sysmac family facilitates communication with Omron’s NJ and NX1P control PCUs

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  • Elipse Alarm Manager optimizes alarm management


    New solution from Elipse Software signals the actions to be taken in order to enhance operational performance in alarm systems

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