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Substation Automation Systems (SAS)

Reduce engineering and comissioning costs during the deployment of substations

Water and Wastewater

Learn how to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency for water collection, treatment, and distribution


Power Generation Plants

Solutions for Generation Operation Centers (GOCs), hydroelectric plants, thermoelectric plants, wind farms, and photovoltaic plants

Building Management System (BMS)

Learn how to improve your facilities’ operational efficiency, save resources, and increase sustainability


Power Distribution Centers

Solutions for advanced management of distribution networks, focused on increasing productivity and efficiency in operation


Innovative solution that automatically restores the distribution network, reducing financial losses


Trains and Railroads

Intelligent software for automating passengers’ terminals, energy distribution, and traffic control

Wind Farms Management

Check how you can operate and manage multi-vendor wind farms


Energy Transmission Centers

Optimize the operational processes and improve the quality of power supply

Energy-intensive Industries

Manage the energy assets, avoiding losses caused by interruptions in industrial processes


Operator Training System (OTS)

Power systems simulation plaform for operation teams training

Animal Feed Factories

See how the productive process can be improved to ensure complete traceability in animal feed factories



(Português do Brasil) Gerenciamento da infraestrutura do data center, monitorando o uso dos recursos de TI e das instalações, como energia, refrigeração e segurança