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The increasingly ongoing demand for digitalization in almost every aspect of modern life (corporate, government, personal) has lead to a worldwide trend of expanding those environments to accommodate the construction and operation of data centers.

Data center management is directly tied to the levels of quality of its numerous digital services that we use on a daily basis. Therefore, it requires dealing both with O&M indicators (Operation & Management, especially energy and cooling) and aspects pertaining to expansion plans, customer needs management, and cost control.

To meet these demands, DCIM systems (Data Center Infrastructure Management) converge different functions (operation, maintenance, planning, and IT) to provide administrators with a holistic view of the data center’s performance in order to use the facilities to their fullest potential as efficiently as possible while reducing overhead.

Benefits of using DCIM include the following:

  • Increase uptime: By collecting data from critical facilities infrastructure, monitoring threshold violations, and using projection algorithms and events/alarms, you can react before failures impact users and services.
  • Increase energy efficiency: From data collected in all energy supply levels and load consumption for all IT and non-IT related equipment, you can calculate, store, and display trends of PUE indicators (Power Usage Effectiveness) in order to track and ensure corporate energy initiatives.
  • Improve planning and utilization: With tools that simulate adding new racks and facilities equipment, you can assess the best way to meet new demands and avoid overload.
  • Improve productivity: People productivity increases with digitalization: reservations, adds, moves, and changes are accomplished and tasks are automated via workflow to meet tracking and response needs in different scenarios.

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Check some success stories using Elipse solutions for data center infrastructure

  • Bertolini Shipping company’s data center is more accurately controled with Elipse E3

    Elipse Software’s solution controls access to the facilities; monitors lights, temperature, firefighting centrals, air conditioning, generators, no-breaks, PUE index, and others

    Cliente: Bertolini Shipping Company Ltd. Product: Elipse E3

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