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DCIMs are management platforms for data center infrastructure that monitor, in real time, IT and facilities resources, such as energy, cooling, security, and space optimization. The increased growth in data volume, as well as in work load and in the amount of equipment needed for management, alongside the high costs of electric energy, have caused data centers’ administrators to search for solutions that help manage IT resources and infrastructure more efficiently. These solutions, which merge IT data and infrastructure, allow controlling the data center in real time, with quick access to security and energy consumption metrics, as well as performing historic analyses in order to enhance performance, availability, and energetic efficiency.

In this context, Elipse Software offers software solutions for DCIM integration that allow collecting infrastructure data, such as temperature, humidity, flooding, smoke, presence, biometric readers, cameras, energy meters, and generators. These solutions also collect IT data, such as space management, network consumption, CPU, and memory, among others. Therefore, these solutions optimize resources and increase efficiency, thus keeping operational and maintenance costs down.

Additionally, they come with a complete tool package for real-time monitoring and historical analyses, which can be integrated to several different systems. With them, you can follow information from the data center in any device, such as smart phones and tablets, to support the decision-making process. These solutions also display a development environment for customized applications.


  • Preserves previous investments made in the system;
  • Improves planning for next investments;
  • Centralizes information (Infra and IT);
  • Manages spaces;
  • Keeps operations and electric energy costs down;
  • Increases security;
  • Supports the decision-making process;
  • Generates real-time indicators;
  • Allows accessing indicators via mobile device.


Open architecture

Because they are not linked to any specific hardware manufacturer, Elipse’s software solutions preserve the previous investments made in the automation system, and are able to communicate with all main devices and controllers available in the market. With over 400 communication interfaces in our portfolio, from different vendors and protocols, including OPC standard, our solutions do not impose any choice of devices to our clients, thus increasing their bargaining power for their own business deals.

The systems developed by Elipse also allow using different protocols simultaneously, thus enabling the integration of various hardware manufacturers at the same application, or the use of a single system to supervise different data centers. Our own driver development team responds not only for keeping all interfaces updated, but also for developing new drivers on demand.


Merged data (IT x Infra)

Merging data from IT and infrastructure levels optimizes data center management. The client-server architecture allows remotely monitoring information in real time, so the administrator can have a full view of the events in order to make their decisions. Real-time control and supervision provides constant energetic efficiency, a safer environment, and shorter action time in the system, thus preventing possible failures.

Centralizing data collected from different devices allows contextualizing information and developing several indicators, which are used as metrics for evaluating data center efficiency. Among these is PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), an indicator used for measuring the data center’s infrastructure efficiency.

Efficient data storage

When not efficiently managed, the large amount of data generated by different devices could not only easily deplete memory resources, but also compromise the system’s performance, making it difficult to access and view data due to IT infrastructure and security issues. The Elipse solution for DCIM is equipped to manage the massive volume of data generated by various devices.

EPM (Elipse Plant Manager) offers high recording and querying performance, requiring no relational tables, besides presenting powerful tools for handling, recovering, and analyzing data. Natively integrated to Python, this platform enables the operator to use all the language’s resources to create analyses, indicators, and reports. Additionally, it allows easily sharing information via OPC DA, HDA, and UA.

Support to decision making

When acting in isolation, the massive volume of data generated by several different types of devices, meters, and systems can make the decision-making process rather difficult. The Elipse solutions help you centralize all data, in order to obtain various indicators.

EPM can access the information quickly due to its integrated analysis environment, with different tools to support data analysis and sharing. They are: EPM AddIn, module that allows using Microsoft Excel® as a query and analyses tool; EPM Web Parts, components designed for Microsoft Sharepoint® corporate portal; and Reporting Services, technology that allows developing, implementing, and managing reports.


With Elipse Mobile, monitoring the main processes and indicators is easier, since it allows accessing applications from any mobile device or web browser, regardless of time, place, or device, with a clear, simple, objective interface.

Faster application development

Via modelling tools for control strategy and assets mapping, such as racks, servers, meters, switches, and UPS, the development methodology of the automation system provided by Elipse Software offers concrete actions for keeping the project’s risks and costs down, besides ensuring the system’s quality to operators and managers.

Data center’s structure management, monitoring the use of IT resources and facilities, such as energy, cooling, and security.

Check some success stories using Elipse solutions for data center infrastructure

  • Bertolini Shipping company’s data center is more accurately controled with Elipse E3

    Elipse Software’s solution controls access to the facilities; monitors lights, temperature, firefighting centrals, air conditioning, generators, no-breaks, PUE index, and others

    Cliente: Bertolini Shipping Company Ltd. Product: Elipse E3

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