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Our company’s main goal is to offer the best technical solutions available in the market for each case, based on the sector’s universal standards, such as IEC 61970 – CIM, and to elaborate flexible, stand-alone hardware solutions, allowing the integration to any system. Additionally, these solutions will allow you to implement powerful, state-of-the-art EMS (Energy Management System) and ADMS (Advanced Distribution Management System) systems, in line with the latest Smart Grids concepts.

Elipse solutions for Smart Grid & Power are employed by major companies in Brazil and worldwide

Check some success stories using Elipse solutions for Smart Grid & Power

  • Samarco’s electric system control made 96% more agile with Elipse Software platform

    Elipse E3 allows monitoring and remotely maneuvering the 15 reclosers that comprise the energy distribution network at Germano Complex in Mariana (MG), Southeast Brazil

    Industry: Energy Product: Elipse E3
  • Epasa increases the operational efficiency of its plants in 25% with Elipse’s platforms

    Combined, Termoparaíba and Termonordeste constitute the second largest oil-fueled thermal power plant in Brazil and the fifth largest worldwide

  • Elipse Power provides CERVAM with more thorough analysis on its reclosers operations

    Elipse Software’s platform allows the Cooperative for Mogi Valley’s Energization and Development (CERVAM) to diagnose malfunctions more quickly, ensuring a more reliable, high-quality distribution system of its 17 reclosers’ remote operation

    Industry: Energy Product: Elipse Power
  • BEI’s GOC (Brasil Energia Inteligente), implemented with Elipse E3, controls 52 plants remotely

    Remote operation reduces costs for BEI, since control via Generation Operations Center (GOC) usually eliminates the need for actual trips to the plants

    Industry: Energy Product: Elipse E3
  • Elipse Software solutions automate 23 Enel Green Power plants in Brazil, communicate with equipment from different vendors

    National leader in solar and wind power generation, Enel Green Power uses Elipse E3 and Elipse Power Renewable solutions

  • Elipse Power monitors plants at Light Energia’s Lajes Complex

    Solution by Elipse Software allows remote control of different devices and variables in the power generation process of Light’s hydro power plants

    Industry: Energy Product: Elipse Power
  • Votorantim Energia’s plants at the users’ fingertips with Elipse Mobile

    Elipse Software’s platform allows Votorantim Energia’s users to monitor the performances of its wind and hydroelectric plants via tablets or smartphones; operation is no longer restricted to the Operations Center

    Cliente: Votorantim Energia Industry: Energy Products: Elipse Mobile, Elipse Power, Elipse Power Renewable
  • Elipse Software’s platforms generate savings for Echoenergia

    Developed by Energia Automação and based on Elipse Power’s and Elipse Plant Manager’s framework, the ea-Wind solution controls Santa Rosália and São Clemente windfarm complexes

    Cliente: Echoenergia Industry: Energy Products: Elipse Plant Manager, Elipse Power, Elipse Power Renewable
  • Elipse E3 increases Clemar’s solar plants performance

    Elipse Software’s solution helps Clemar to control photovoltaic plants in the South of Brazil and maximize their profits in the investment

    Cliente: Clemar Engenharia Industry: Energy Product: Elipse E3
  • Elipse Self-healing streamlines CEMAR’s energy system recomposition

    In February, 2015, this technology allowed recovering, in 10 seconds, 9,463 out of 9,756 customers hit by an energy outage on São Luís distribution network, in northeastern Brazil

    Cliente: Cemar Industry: Energy Products: Elipse Power, Elipse Power ADMS

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