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During more than 20 years, Elipse has developed solutions for several power market segments (generation, transmission and distribution). With more than 40,000 licenses of SCADA systems sold around the world, Elipse has a solid portfolio on different supervisory and power control and management areas, providing solutions for several applications.

Founded in 1986, Elipse Software has, since then, developing powerful tools for the creation of energy management systems, ranging from small HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) to large EMS systems (Energy Management Systems) spread over long geographical extensions.

Throughout these years of experience, Elipse Software has been evolving its products in order to meet all segments of the energy market (generation, transmission and distribution), providing various types of solutions as listed below:

Elipse Power brings to its users the best way to increase the efficiency of its facilities, as well as reduce their operational costs. Always with the concern of providing the best technical solution available in the market and basing on universal electric standards (e.g. IEC 61970 – CIM), flexible and hardware independent solutions are designed, enabling full integration to any system. Elipse’s tools allow you to implement powerful, latest-generation EMS (Energy Management System) and ADMS (Advanced Distribution Management System) systems, aligned with new concepts of intelligent power networks (Smart Grids).

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