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With over 40,000 systems installed worldwide and thousands of customers, Elipse Software can provide you with solutions for efficiently managing the infrastructure in different sectors. Smart buildings, data centers, ports, and airports all share the same problem: expertly monitoring the several systems required for their proper functioning. More than that, they need to efficiently manage their resources via system integration to provide a centralized operation which, many times, becomes difficult due to the many vendors and communication protocols available.

Elipse solutions allow you to integrate systems from different sources while providing you with a set of flexible, customizable tools for real-time SCADA. Additionally, they feature native resources such as database connection, tools for developing reports and historic analyses, etc.




  • Building Management System (BMS)
  • Wastewater
  • Substation Automation System (SAS)

Check some success stories in Infrastructure industry

  • Elipse E3 building management system at the utilities of Minas Gerais Administrative City

    Solution by Elipse Software allows monitoring the 240-thousand-square-foot installation that houses Minas Gerais’s Military Police, Fire Department, and SEPLAG

    Cliente: CODEMIG - Companhia de Desenvolvimento do Estado de Minas Gerais Solution: Building Management System (BMS) Product: Elipse E3
  • Elipse Plant Manager integrated to an Advanced Control application at Klabin

    Elipse Software’s solution is employed as the infrastructure for an Advanced Control application with TriNMPC, Trisolutions’s controller, at Klabin’s Monte Alegre Industrial Unit

    Cliente: (Português do Brasil) Klabin Product: Elipse Plant Manager
  • Energy costs reduced with Elipse E3 at Unimed VTRP facility, in Southern Brazil

    Power consumption at the company’s 140,000-square-foot building has been reduced to almost half with Elipse Software’s solution

    Cliente: Unimed Vales do Taquari e Rio Pardo Solution: Building Management System (BMS) Product: Elipse E3
  • Bertolini Shipping company’s data center is more accurately controled with Elipse E3

    Elipse Software’s solution controls access to the facilities; monitors lights, temperature, firefighting centrals, air conditioning, generators, no-breaks, PUE index, and others

    Cliente: Bertolini Shipping Company Ltd. Solution: DCIM Product: Elipse E3
  • Petrobras Research Center’s performance improved with Elipse solutions

    Technologies developed by Elipse Software control cooling and power distribution systems at one of the largest oil research centers in the world, Petrobras’s Cenpes

  • AV Manufacturing’s engine plant’s maintenance services now more agile due to Elipse E3

    Elipse Software’s solution allows executing commands quickly, with no need for skilled labor, while tracing all productive processes at AVM’s automation engines plant

    Cliente: AV Manufacturing Product: Elipse E3
  • Elipse E3 reduces spending in STIHL’s cylinders’ hard chrome plating

    Elipse Software's solution allows only nine operators per shift to control all plating stages, held in a 65,000-square-foot factory area

    Cliente: STIHL Product: Elipse E3

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  • Elipse E3 controls cooling system at Friato meat packing plant


    Room temperature reports are issued and sent via e-mail to auditors at the Ministry of Agriculture by Elipse Software’s solution

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    Elipse Mobile Server’s newest version


    A new condition can now be set up that, once activated, lets users be notified via e-mail

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