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The increasing number of communication data points available in new substations and the use of new protocols such as IEC 61850 add more complexity in developing, commissioning and maintaining power automation systems.

Also, the lack of standardization of information complicates the maintenance and expansion procedures. This way, it is necessary to find innovative solutions able to handle and convert different protocols, provide high reliability systems and significantly reduce costs for substation automation.

Elipse Power HMI has special features for developing substation applications, providing local operation and remote access to the control center, while also working as a protocol gateway.

A powerful CAD tool for modeling the electrical system automatically generates SCADA’s operation screens, which reduces the configuring and comissioning times, as well as providing a more reliable and secure system configuration and operation.

This solution also preserves earlier investments, because of the ease of integration with any protocol or legacy equipment.

Elipse Power Concept


  • Reduces engineering and maintenance costs.
  • Reduces commissioning costs.
  • Provides a secure and reliable operation.
  • Preserves earlier investments.


  • The electrical system model is designed using an integrated Power CAD Editor that automatically generates operation diagrams and equipment structure based on IEC 61970-CIM model.
  • The Topology Processor algorithm running over the electrical model automatically animates operation diagrams with no need for programming.
  • The TagBrowser automatically imports tags from the IEDs through IEC 61850, drastically reducing configuration time when setting communication tags.
  • Templates allow configuring command types, measurements and colors in a single interface for all system devices.
  • A unified interface for configuring HMI and gateway reduces engineering and commissioning costs.
  • Protocols available: IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-101/102/103/104, DNP3, ICCP, among others.

Elipse solutions for substation automation are employed by major companies in Brazil and worldwide

Check some success stories using Elipse solutions for substation automation

  • Epasa increases the operational efficiency of its plants in 25% with Elipse’s platforms

    Combined, Termoparaíba and Termonordeste constitute the second largest oil-fueled thermal power plant in Brazil and the fifth largest worldwide

  • BEI’s GOC (Brasil Energia Inteligente), implemented with Elipse E3, controls 52 plants remotely

    Remote operation reduces costs for BEI, since control via Generation Operations Center (GOC) usually eliminates the need for actual trips to the plants

    Industry: Energy Product: Elipse E3
  • Petrobras Research Center’s performance improved with Elipse solutions

    Technologies developed by Elipse Software control cooling and power distribution systems at one of the largest oil research centers in the world, Petrobras’s Cenpes

    Cliente: Petrobras Industries: Energy, Infrastructure Products: Elipse Power Industry, Elipse E3, Elipse Power
  • Safer Operation Center at CEMAR with Elipse Power

    Elipse Power automates the power distribution of 160 substations at CEMAR: Companhia Energética do Maranhão (Maranhão's Power Generation Company)

    Cliente: Cemar Industry: Energy Products: Elipse Power ADMS, Elipse Power
  • Elipse Power automates CPFL’s Cruz Alta Substation with IEC 61850 and DNP3 Protocols

    Elipse Software's solution provides rapid integration with equipment of the substation located in Olympia (SP), by using IEC 61850 and DNP3 protocols, thus eliminating the gateways or remote

    Cliente: CPFL Industry: Energy Products: Elipse Power HMI, Elipse Power
  • Elipse E3 application in Rio de Janeiro’s rail transportation power system

    This case presents an E3 application developed to automate substations and other components integrating the power grid of Rio de Janeiro’s rail transportation system

    Cliente: SuperVia Industry: Energy Product: Elipse E3
  • Automation of Linhares Thermal Power Plant’s Substation with Elipse Power

    This case presents an Elipse Power-based application for controlling a power plant substation in Linhares, a town in the eastern region of Brazil

    Cliente: Linhares Geração Industry: Energy Products: Elipse Power HMI, Elipse Power
  • Elipse Power automates Energisa’s Padre Fialho substation in Brazil

    Application developed by Energia Automação allows controlling all devices at the substation located in Matipó (MG), in the Brazilian Southeast

    Cliente: Energisa Industry: Energy Products: Elipse Power, Elipse Power HMI

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