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How to manage the energy assets, avoiding losses caused by interruptions in industrial processes?

Energy-intensive industries require robust supervisory control systems for power assets management. A simple interruption of an industrial system may imply in reprocessing it completely or even in wasting a great amount of raw material, which would cause massive financial losses. Therefore, availability, quality and reliability in the power supply are crucial factors to industries that wish to operate their plants more efficiently, reducing their losses and costs.

Elipse Power Industry is a platform with tailor-made features for creating comprehensive control centers, enabling the development of applications that are able to manage and control a great number of substations and communication points. It is aimed at industries and plants with massive use of energy, that require a high level of availability and reliability in their operations.

The electrical systems modeling tool allows automatically generating the SCADA operating screens and adding/editing elements in order to reduce configuration and commissioning time, in addition to making the system safer and more reliable.


  • Reduces engineering and maintenance costs.
  • Reduces configuration and commissioning time/costs.
  • High reliability and availability guaranteed.
  • Interfaces display consistent data, which prevents misleading operations.
  • Easily integrated with other pre-existing systems, such as SCADA/DCS, thus preserving previous investments.


  • Based on the IEC 61970 (CIM) standard, the system’s electrical model is set up via an integrated graphic interface that automatically generates the operation’s single-line diagrams.
  • Topology Processor: based on the electrical model, this algorithm allows animating single-line diagrams automatically, with no programming required.
  • Tag Browser: imports tags directly from IEDs via IEC 61850, thus dramatically reducing possible errors and configuration time.
  • Load Shedding module helps to keep critical loads working continuously, through an algorithm that evaluates scenarios that can potentially cause instability to the electric system, and by pre-selecting the load sets to be turned off in such events.
  • Templates: allow standardizing all types of commands, measurements, and colors in a single environment for all devices in the system.
  • Hot-Standby architecture: automatically switches between available servers.
  • Capable of supervising and controlling a great number of substations and communication points.
  • Available protocols: IEC 61850, IEC 60870- 5-101/104, DNP3, Modbus, among others.

Elipse solutions for energy-intensive industries are used by important companies in Brazil and overseas

Check some success stories using Elipse solutions in energy-intensive industries

  • Petrobras Research Center’s performance improved with Elipse solutions

    Technologies developed by Elipse Software control cooling and power distribution systems at one of the largest oil research centers in the world, Petrobras’s Cenpes

    Cliente: Petrobras Industries: Energy, Infrastructure Products: Elipse Power Industry, Elipse E3, Elipse Power

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