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New features in ADMS and Self-Healing


Elipse Software, a global software developer specialized in solutions for real-time management of industrial processes, energy, wastewater, and infrastructure, has just released the newest version of its integrated platform for electric systems’ management. Elipse Power v5.1 introduces new features for utility modules and renewable energy plants.

In order to improve the distribution network operation, the latest version of Elipse Power ADMS allows automatically creating schematic diagrams based on the client’s OMS (Outage Management System). This allows for a simplified view of the system, which contemplates the substation’s neighboring feeders and output breakers. Additionally, it indicates the flow direction of active power on radial networks, as well as the feeder responsible for energizing transferred segments in the diagrams.

Schematic diagram contemplating neighboring feeders

The Self-Healing module introduces new features, such as support to distribution networks with a capacitors bank, and jumpers’ status reading. Its initialization performance, when integrated to the network model originating from the OMS system, has also undergone several improvements.

Another module upgraded for this version is Elipse Power Renewable, the supervisory tool for renewable energy plants and interconnection substations. Its equipment, which can be instanced in electric models of solar farms, have been enhanced, thus allowing breakers and reclosers to be modelled.

For more information about Elipse Power 5.1 new features, please refer to the software’s Release Notes.

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