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Elipse Plant Manager is a software solution that allows collecting data from different types of devices, no matter their protocol, to transform data, analyze information, and implement dynamic actions, thus closing the digital monitoring loop.

For the first task in the loop (collection), EPM offers the Interface Server, which can be used in three different architectures, depending on the original data protocol.

1) Legacy Devices with a preexisting data collection system (SCADA or OPC Server): In this situation, EPM Interface Server is installed locally, in the machine running the current system, and data are sent to the remote EPM Server. This happens for two reasons: First, to convert data into a secure, unbreakable standard that can be transmitted via firewall. Second, to establish a store-and-forward dynamics: If the communication between the Interface and EPM Server fails, the data are stored locally and transferred when the connection is available, thus keeping the collection task continuous.


2) Devices with Embedded MQTT Protocol: Since EPM has a native MQTT interface, data can be transmitted directly from the devices to a remote MQTT Broker, and from there to an EPM Server.


3) Legacy Devices with no current system for data collection: Such cases require installing a local gateway for translating preexisting protocols. EPM Collector and EPM Interface Server will be installed in this machine, which will send data to the remote EPM Server.


EPM Collector is a customized version of Elipse E3 Gateway developed exclusively for EPM, which allows executing over 400 I/O drivers developed by Elipse Software for collecting and pre-handling data.

Once collected, the data can be sent to EPM, where they can be organized, structured into assets (such as devices and machines), and stored, from where values can be extracted in different contexts and situations.

With EPM Processor, analytic algorithms and calculations such as Machine Learning can easily be applied to the data, and their results can be visualized via customized dashboards, alerts, and reports.

In applications whose operation is integrated between EPM and Elipse E3, Elipse Power, or other SCADA systems, the result of calculations can be obtained via OPC UA automatically, allowing several process optimization applications to be easily developed, thus allowing smart digital loops to be created in order to increase operation efficiency.

Therefore, from defining an indicator or process to be monitored, to data collection, calculation, and comparison of results within operational limits, you will be able to notify users for preventive or corrective measures.

Elipse Plant Manager in IoT is employed by major companies in Brazil and worldwide

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