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Elipse Plant Manager latest version released


Elipse Software, a global software developer specialized in solutions for real-time management of industrial processes, has just launched the newest version of its PIMS platform for collecting, storing, and analyzing data. Version 4.0 of Elipse Plant Manager (EPM) comes with new features in several of its tools and modules.

With the Interface Agents resource, the user can now connect a single Interface Server to multiple EPM Servers. This resource allows the user to select the variables they wish to send to each EPM Server, and each Interface Agent has its own buffer to make sure no data is lost during collection, which ensures the communication to each EPM Server is totally independent.

Another new feature is EPM Model, which allows creating new models for assets inside EPM itself, instead of replicating them from the SCADA systems it interacts with, such as Elipse E3 and Elipse Power. With it, the processes’ structure becomes easier, more simple to gauge; in addition, engineering time is gained when working in a context of types architecture, thus making the system more adherent to Industry 4.0.

EPM Portal was also improved, and now it allows creating folders and controlling permissions. With this new feature, you can organize dashboards in context, and also to grant access only to selected users and groups. EPM’s aggregations list was updated for historical queries as well. New aggregations and adjustment were added, which makes the software fully compatible with OPC-UA standard. All these new resources help analysts extract as much information as possible from its processes.

Finally, EPM Processor’s interface has been updated in order to facilitate browsing and installation without Internet Information Services (IIS). The homepage is now called Overview, from where users can visualize algorithms behavior and then handle their proper configuration and maintenance.

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