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Featuring over 400 communication interfaces, Elipse solutions allow you to integrate different devices and systems in the same application, regardless of their manufacturer. In addition to their native resources, such as connection to databases, report development tools, and historic and real-time analyses, Elipse systems help you develop a safer, more agile application, with efficient resource management and plant production.

Our flexible solutions allow you to develop a supervisory for any food and beverage industry, in addition to meeting the requirements of utilities such as:

  • Water and effluents treatment plants
  • Measurement per sector and electricity co-generation
  • Cold chambers and cooling tunnels
  • Raw and final products traceability
  • Compressors

Agribusiness is a rapidly growing field. Its production is increasingly larger year after year, but its results are sensitive to climate and economy changes, which require the industry to always stay at the top of its game. Industrial automation is instrumental in helping it achieve excellence in its products and ensure its production is efficient and profitable. With over 30 years of expertise in the market, Elipse developes solutions bringing together cutting-edge technologies to obtain high productivity, a precise, dependable supervisory and control system that tracks the entire production process.


  • Food and beverage industry
  • Animal feed industries
  • Alcohol and sugar mills
  • Oil refineries
  • Animal feed industries
  • Industrial cooling systems
  • Grain storage and transportation
  • Meat packing
  • Seed processing

Check some success stories in food, beverage and agrobusiness

  • Elipse E3-Based application saves energy at the Realengo Alimentos´s rice plant in Santo Antônio da Patrulha (Brazil)

    Solution by Elipse Software allows consuming less energy and controlling the whole equipment used in rice processing automatically, thus providing the plant’s production with agility, reliability, and standardization

  • Elipse E3 reduces costs with raw materials at Castrolanda’s animal feed factory

    Solution developed by Elipse Software monitors processes at the agricultural cooperative’s factory located in Castro (PR) and dramatically reduces waste throughout its production chain

    Cliente: Castrolanda – Agricultural Cooperative Ltd. Product: Elipse E3
  • Elipse E3 controls cooling system at Friato meat packing plant

    Room temperature reports are issued remotely and sent via e-mail to auditors at the Ministry of Agriculture’s Federal Inspection Service (SIF) by Elipse Software’s solution

    Cliente: Friato Product: Elipse E3
  • Elipse E3 provides more security and reliability to the process of dairy farming

    Solution by Elipse Software implemented in the Tangará Foods plant, in Estrela (RS), allows an online monitoring of the steps of dairy farming

    Cliente: Tangará Foods Solution: Process Operation Product: Elipse E3
  • Elipse E3 controls processes of storing and milling wheat grains performed in the Bunge

    This case presents the Elipse E3 application to improve the process in the Bunge C Mill

    Cliente: Bunge Solution: Process Operation Product: Elipse E3

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