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Elipse E3 and Elipse Power are updated


Elipse Software, the global software developer specialized in solutions for remote process management, has released updates for two of its products, Elipse E3 and Elipse Power. Their latest version 6.0 has new features for the graphic analysis tool; with TrendAnalysis component, the operator has autonomy to set up data analyses dynamically at run time.


TrendAnalisys integrated to Elipse E3

The new version also enhances system performance. One of the standouts in this version is the alarms tool, which not only has been optimized but also has improved the performance of applications with several alarm sources and filters.

The management of product keys has also been retooled for version 6.0: The user now learns about the hardkey’s and softkey’s events directly at Elipse Viewer. Additionally, the new version allows using WatchWindow tool for editing the application’s properties values at run time.

Last but not least, Elipse Power 6.0 also brings new features that optimize both the initialization time for External Reader smart model and the performance for Self-Healing module in energy distribution networks. For further information on these new features and other information about version 6.0, check out our website and Elipse Power’s Release Notes.