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Elipse E3 version 5.0 introduces new features


Elipse Software, a global software developer specialized in solutions for real-time management of industrial processes, energy, wastewater, and infrastructure, have just released the newest version for their supervisory solution, Elipse E3 5.0, which introduces new, exciting features.  

The E3Chart tool, for example, now features automatic pens that allow accessing real-time and history data via a single connection. This makes for an even easier integration between real-time data and the data stored in EPM (Elipse Plant Manager), Elipse’s data collection, storage, and analysis platform.  

E3 Studio’s look has also been renewed: the default theme is now different, and new styles are available for developers, as well as new keyboard shortcuts that help their work occur more smoothly. Additionally, its interface design has been optimized, and the Domain is now verified quicker, with more detailed information.


E3 Studio’s new interface

The overall system performance has been improved for version 5.0: memory usage has been reduced, which, in turn, reduces the application’s time to load. Finally, the Find/Replace tool now allows you to search for categories, which in turn allows restoring user options between sessions. With it, you can have two different windows displaying the Find/Replace results, now available in different groups.

This tool also lets you add results from a new search, or to replace pre-existing ones. Renaming with the multiple selection resource becomes more consistent, and multiple objects can be checked in views that allow multiple selection.  

For further information about Elipse E3 version 5.0, access its RelaseNotes.

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