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Elipse E3 and Elipse Power updated


Version 6.7 of Elipse Software’s platform features new possibilities for filing alarms

Specialized in developing solutions for real-time process management, Elipse Software has just released the latest version of its flagship products Elipse E3 and Elipse Power. Version 6.7 features new functionalities for the alarm filing tool and for system memory management.

Among the performance enhancements of this new version, we highlight the improvements to the alarms managing tool, which provides more powerful data for the management of critical events. Additionally, we boosted the performance of query objects, especially in cases of momentary access shortages, which provides a more fluid, efficient experience in data querying.

Another highlight of this update is the system’s memory management optimization, which results in a more refined, stable performance, especially in environments that require a higher resource consumption. With these improvements, Elipse Software reinforces its commitment to providing innovative, high-performance solutions that meet the ever-increasing needs of its clients.

For further information on these and other updates from this version, check out Elipse E3 6.7 Release Notes and Elipse Power 6.7 Release Notes.

About Elipse E3

The HMI/SCADA platform for advanced, distributed applications is the ideal system for mission critical systems and control centers. Leader in the Brazilian market, Elipse E3 is a well-established SCADA platform for monitoring and controlling processes, which delivers high scalability and steady growth for several types of applications, from basic HMI interfaces to complex operating systems in real time.

About Elipse Power

Elipse Power offers an integrated environment of communication, modelling, and analysis, working as a modern EMS (Energy Management System) / ADMS (Advanced Distribution Management System) that can be applied in operation centers for generation, transmission, distribution, and large industrial plants. Its integrated architecture allows easy access to all necessary information to manage power grids, thus providing the best solution for maximizing efficiency and minimizing operating costs.

About Elipse Software

As a player in the international market for the past 37 years, Elipse Software develops powerful software tools for real-time management of industrial processes, energy, wastewater, and infrastructure. Compatible with hundreds of different systems and devices, Elipse products turn data into strategic information and undergo constant upgrades for better operational efficiency, scale gains, maximized yields, and minimized losses.