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Check out the new features of EPM 3.08


The Internet of Things (IoT) is already a reality for several different processes: A new technological concept that uses the Internet for data and information exchange, thus enabling the digital integration between devices and with data generation systems.

According to IBM, MQTT has become the standard protocol for IoT communication due to its lightness and flexibility. To facilitate data integration, analysis, and visualization, the latest Elipse Plant Manager version (3.08) has a native communication interface in MQTT.  

This model of data gathering is also available at the EPM Historian’s latest version, developed in order to make digital transformation a reality for companies that still hadn’t started or were in the initial stages of digitalization, as well as for companies facing a hard time centralizing, analyzing, and sharing information.

The EPM Portal also presents new features. Now with more theme options, it allows adding the customer’s brand logo and other customizations. Additionally, it enables automatic browsing between dashboards with the Slide Show resource.


New EPM Portal dashboard allows monitoring and analyzing temperatures at Elipse’s office, in Porto Alegre – Brazil

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