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Elipse Plant Manager updated


EPM version 5.0 now supports PostgreSQL, in addition to new widgets and visual resources

Elipse Plant Manager (EPM), the platform for real-time data management and digital transformation by Elipse Software, has updated. Users of EPM version 5.0 can now choose between PostgreSQL or the traditional SQL Server as the system’s database, among other new features.

Version 5.0 also presents two new visual resources for EPM Studio’s Chart Analysis and Dataset Analysis charts. EPM Portal now features a new LineChart widget to trace lines, which makes it easier to follow and compare values, as well as new widgets for PDF visualization, EPM events and maps, which allow displaying the plant’s assets geographically.

Additionally, EPM Server and EPM Portal will be able to execute in Containers, a new feature soon to be implemented in EPM Processor. This will allow EPM to become available as a service in Marketplaces clouds of Elipse’s partner companies.

Another new, exciting feature for this version is the implementation of HTTPS in EPM Web Server. This allows the use of HTTP2, which improves the performance of code execution and internal loads. In the future, this development will be added to EPM Portal and EPM Processor web portals. Finally, with EPM 5.0, users will be able to follow and manage the algorithm execution queue in EPM Processor.