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Elipse Power’s newest version is released


Elipse Software, a global software developer specialized in solutions for real-time management of industrial processes, energy, wastewater, and infrastructure, have just released the newest version of their integrated platform for electric systems, Elipse Power v. 5.0, with new features in modules designed for renewable energy plants and utilities.

The new version, Power Renewable, allows monitoring and controlling hydraulic and wind plants as well as solar parks all in a single platform, reducing the system’s implementation and maintenance costs due to electric modelling. The highlight of this product is its ability to control all generation assets, substations, and bays in the same system; working the generation park, in this case, will only require a single supervisory system.

The data structure of Elipse Power ADMS, a module designed for automating energy distribution, has been updated to support bypassed and isolated devices. This allows creating schematic diagrams that represent the network’s current status in real time, even for elements that are not tele commanded. Bear in mind that Elipse Power’s newest version has recently been certified as Level A for its IEC 61850 Ed. 2 solution at DNV-KEMA.

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