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One of the main concerns of managing wind farms are wind turbines: many times, they come from different manufacturers, which in turn requires multiple supervisory systems in the control center. This makes auditing the turbines’ operational contracts difficult, since data is collected by their own manufacturers. Another issue is reaching the minimum availability and efficiency stipulated by contracts: wind turbines’ protections can operate in abnormal levels even if they haven’t stopped for maintenance.

Elipse Power Renewable is a platform for automating and managing wind farms, and it can integrate all and every turbines’ and IEDs’ manufacturers used in the substations into a single hub. This solution features a standardized modelling tool for wind turbines that strengthen reliability of data in the auditing process, and thus reduces financial losses in contracts with vendors.


  • Improves wind turbines’ availability;
  • Reduces financial losses in contracts with vendors;
  • Parks operation are safer, more efficient;
  • Regulatory risks (fines) are mitigated;
  • Shorter engineering and implementation time;
  • Decision-making process for new investments is more precise.


  • Single platform for correlating substation’s and generation’s events: improves stopping events;
  • Oscillograph analysis tool: improves protection settings, reduces the number of undue stops, enhances wind turbines’ availability indexes;
  • Extensive communication drivers basis: allows interaction with all and every manufacturers;
  • Submodule 2.7 library for sending data to regulatory agencies: implements a logic grouping of events, facilitates integrations, reduces regulatory fines and the number of man-hours needed;
  • Standardized reports templates: reduce engineering time, increase reliability;
  • Historic database: supports your decisions on future investments.

Elipse solutions for wind farms are employed in important companies in Brazil and worldwide

Check some success stories using Elipse solutions in wind farms

  • Elipse Software solutions automate 23 Enel Green Power plants in Brazil, communicate with equipment from different vendors

    National leader in solar and wind power generation, Enel Green Power uses Elipse E3 and Elipse Power Renewable solutions

  • Votorantim Energia’s plants at the users’ fingertips with Elipse Mobile

    Elipse Software’s platform allows Votorantim Energia’s users to monitor the performances of its wind and hydroelectric plants via tablets or smartphones; operation is no longer restricted to the Operations Center

    Cliente: Votorantim Energia Industry: Energy Products: Elipse Mobile, Elipse Power, Elipse Power Renewable
  • Elipse Software’s platforms generate savings for Echoenergia

    Developed by Energia Automação and based on Elipse Power’s and Elipse Plant Manager’s framework, the ea-Wind solution controls Santa Rosália and São Clemente windfarm complexes

    Cliente: Echoenergia Industry: Energy Products: Elipse Plant Manager, Elipse Power, Elipse Power Renewable

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