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Elipse Power application for Casa dos Ventos is addressed at Google event


Power Up 2023 discussed several themes dealing with digital transformation in the energy sector, among which is the case involving Elipse Software’s solution

On May 23 and 24, Google Brazil/Latin America’s business vertical for Infrastructure and Energy sponsored an event for energy and natural resources companies to debate their plans to speed up the digital transformation process in the area. Power Up 2023 took place at the company’s office in São Paulo, Brazil.

Marcelo Salvador, Elipse Software’s Business Director, was part of a panel with executives from Google, Casa dos Ventos, and CEPEL to discuss Intelligent Operations – IT/OT with Casa dos Ventos. Regarded as the largest project development company using renewable sources in Brazil, Casa dos Ventos employs Elipse Power for the automation of its wind park.

During his introduction remarks, Salvador pointed out the benefits that can be obtained by digitalizing products and democratizing access to the Google platform.

“Unlocking data and taking it to a platform such as Google allows us to use algorithms that will enrich the information. Furthermore, it allows the collaboration of other users too, and this takes the solution to a level higher than it would be if it were being developed only by you and your team,” he said.


In the event, Marcelo Salvador highlighted the importance of democratization of information

Another point brought up by Elipse’s director is the use of agents as mediator gateways to convert native protocols of older equipment into modern protocols that can be sent to the cloud with no latency. In his final remarks, Salvador emphasized cybersecurity as a fundamental factor to fight unreliable protocols, which should be isolated into different networks.

“Our policy is to constantly invest in cybersecurity, both for the tool and its application,” he said.


Panel: Ranieri Rodrigues (Google), Leonardo Almeida (Google), Marcelo Salvador (Elipse), André Tomaz (Cepel) and Roberto Oikawa (Casa dos Ventos)

Elipse Software, the global software developer of real-time process management solutions, is one of the leading companies acting in the energy sector. Elipse Power is a product aimed at controlling different types of power plants and energy transmission and distribution centers. Elipse Power Renewable is an Elipse Power additional package indicated exclusively for wind parks automation.