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To maintain current requirements of comfort, usability, and safety, several systems are required simultaneously in building automation, such as air conditioning (HVAC), lighting, access control, fire prevention, elevators, and CFTV. However, since these systems are supplied by different vendors, with different platforms and communication protocols, managing buildings and facilities (and all the data this management entails) becomes an increasingly difficult task.

Our BMS (Building Management System) solution integrates all these systems, allowing you to centralize the operation and enhancing availability and efficiency via a unified view of all these assets. Featuring an open, flexible architecture, in addition to powerful real-time monitoring and analyses tools, our solution allows your project to integrate easily with many other systems regardless of their vendors, thus optimizing resources and reducing implementation, operation, and maintenance costs.  With Elipse Mobile, the project’s statuses and indicators (including commands) are available in any portable device, such as smartphones and tablets, to support all daily activities required to manage your building efficiently.


  • All the building’s operations are integrated into a single system;
  • Pre-existing investments in hardware are preserved, since the system can communicate easily to any device;
  • Reduces operational and electricity costs;
  • High security and availability levels;
  • Flexible development.


  • Open architecture with over 400 communication drivers, such as BACnet and Modbus, which allows you to integrate to innumerous systems and devices, including legacy equipment;
  • Flexible development platform, which allows you to develop resources such as:
    • Controls with routine scheduling;
    • Support to object-oriented design for standardization, shorter development time, and easy maintenance;
  • All systems are operated and visualized in a single view to support your decisions;
  • Safety: Redundant architecture with hot-standby servers and user control;
  • Mobile platform for operating and visualizing information.

Our solutions for building management are employed by major companies in Brazil and worldwide

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  • Elipse E3 in control of three airports in Brazil: Santos Dumont, Congonhas, and Belém International

    Platform by Elipse Software controls lighting and cooling systems, hydraulic network, and loading and unloading bridges at Santos Dumont. At Congonhas and Belém International, it monitors the lighting system

    Industry: Infrastructure Product: Elipse E3
  • Administrative tasks take up 40% less time at JBZ building, the greenest in south of Brazil, thanks to Elipse E3

    Located in Porto Alegre, the real estate project has scored 92 in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

    Industry: Infrastructure Product: Elipse E3
  • Energy costs reduced with Elipse E3 at Unimed VTRP facility, in Southern Brazil

    Power consumption at the company’s 140,000-square-foot building has been reduced to almost half with Elipse Software’s solution

    Cliente: Unimed Vales do Taquari e Rio Pardo Industry: Infrastructure Product: Elipse E3
  • Elipse E3 building management system at the utilities of Minas Gerais Administrative City

    Solution by Elipse Software allows monitoring the 240-thousand-square-foot installation that houses Minas Gerais’s Military Police, Fire Department, and SEPLAG

    Cliente: CODEMIG - Companhia de Desenvolvimento do Estado de Minas Gerais Industry: Infrastructure Product: Elipse E3
  • Elipse E3 provides great water and power savings in Office Green, in Palhoça (SC)

    Solution developed by Elipse Software optimizes the consumption of power, water, and other integrated systems in the building automation of the first business venture to achieve the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

    Cliente: (Português do Brasil) Cidade Pedra Branca Industry: Infrastructure Product: Elipse E3
  • Elipse E3 monitors and controls stations of the São Paulo subway – Line 4 (Yellow)

    Elipse E3 executes commands in many different sectors, devices and subsystems in Luz, República, Paulista, Faria Lima, Pinheiros, Fradique Coutinho and Butantã substations

    Cliente: Grupo CCR Industry: Private: Transport Product: Elipse E3

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