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Elipse Power Analytics introduced at Sendi 2023


Elipse Software product, developed for electricity distribution companies, was presented at the event’s 24th edition

In the period from November 7th to 10th, Elipse Software presented its latest product at Sendi – National Electricity Distribution Seminar. Fruit of the integration between Elipse Power, the integrated platform for intelligent management of electric systems, and Elipse Plant Manager, a powerful tool for data history and analysis, Elipse Power Analytics focuses on the joint implementation of modelling/electric analysis techniques with Data Analytics techniques, which allows extracting knowledge from data already existing in the company.


Elipse’s stand at Sendi

With little investment and minimum impact on pre-existing processes, Elipse Power Analytics can correlate data from SCADA systems to data from GIS, OMS, and MMS systems. By using advanced techniques of data analysis, artificial intelligence, and electric analysis algorithms, the solution generates KPIs and critical information regarding protection system performance, fault location, network loading, and energy balance.

This new module will allow electricity distribution companies to have a deeper overview of their networks, in order to make more accurate, better-informed decisions. With history based KPIs, users are able to better spot bottlenecks on the network, improve the fault location process, and predict and optimize network loading.


Elipse Power Analytics screen: Protection System KPI – Reclosers

Able to quickly spot risk areas and anomalies in the system, the distribution company will now be able to improve reliability of its energy supply and enhance operational efficiency. This new release marks a major step into a more intelligent, efficient management of power networks, thus promoting a more sustainable, reliable future for the energy sector.

About Sendi

Held every two years by Abradee (Brazilian Association of Electricity Distributors), Sendi is currently the biggest electrical energy distribution even in Latin America. Coordinated by EDP, Espirito Santo’s energy distributor, the 24th edition of the event addressed themes related to macro trends in the transformation of the energy sector.

For four days, participants were able to follow discussions about smart grid, electric mobility, and the use of blockchain and big data by energy companies, in addition to meeting start-ups that have solutions for the energy distribution segment. Around 4 thousand people attended the event at the Carapina Exhibition Pavilion, in Serra, Espírito Santo.

About Elipse Software

As a player in the automation market for the past 37 years, Elipse Software develops powerful software tools for real-time management of industrial processes, energy, wastewater, and infrastructure. Compatible with hundreds of different systems and devices, Elipse products transform data into strategic information and undergo constant updates for better operational efficiency, scale gains, maximized yields, and minimized losses.

Headquartered in Porto Alegre, in the South of Brazil, the company has four other branches in the country (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, and Curitiba) and two branches abroad (USA and Taiwan), in addition to operations with business partners in Germany, India, Argentina, Chile, Peru, China, Thailand, Singapore, Portugal, and Vietnam, among other countries. Currently, there are more than 60,000 copies of Elipse platforms installed worldwide, which evidences the high quality and performance of its products.