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Elipse Drivers – March/2024


Check out the latest developments for Elipse drivers

To better integrate our platforms with several types of equipment and automation systems, we at Elipse Software present a portfolio that currently offers more than 470 different drivers. We focus on developing new drivers on a regular basis, as well as on improving and adapting the existing ones for projects that require customized needs.


  • Voestalpine UniAC2 v1.0.1: communication driver for UNIAC[2] Axes Counter via Voestalpine.UniAC2.ResetApi API, supplied by Voestalpine Railway Systems GmbH. It allows gathering data and sending commands to axes counters, in order to develop applications that control the occupation statuses of railroads stretches and switches.
  • Schneider DataLogger4G v1.0.1: communication driver for Schneider’s IoT devices that use REST API. The API hub server can be hosted either locally or in the cloud.


  • Elipse TagHist – v1.0.2: driver for saving historic data from an application in tags, individually or in groups, in CSV (Comma-Separated Values) format. Data is recorded in values that are read at a fixed interval. Version 1.0.2 no longer features communication interfaces.
  • AnsaldoSTS MicrolokII – v1.0.6: Microlok II is a protocol developed by Hitachi Rail STS, formerly Ansaldo STS, which applies specifically to railroad interlock solutions. Version 1.0.4 fixes a function in the driver that may cause instability during data reception. Version 1.0.6 fixes the following functions: sending data from the first heartbeat’s interval, SNDMSN and RCVMSN incrementation, CRC validation in vital messages, IOKit tag reading, and bit write in block elements. Additionally, it implements collision handling in ACK delays, driver protection with code programmed in hardkey, and updated tags for failure status when offline.
  • IEC 61850 Server 1.0.14: server driver that simulates IEC 61850-based control and monitoring devices. Version 1.0.14 improves SBOns and SBOes commands (for normal security and Enhanced security).
  • IEC 61850 3.0.44: client server for collecting data and controlling IEC-61850-based protection devices in the electricity automation sector. Version 3.0.44 improves commands and adds support to download any type of files from IEDs, via MMS functions (not just oscillographs).
  • Drivers IEC 870-5-101 v4.0.1 and IEC 870-5-104 v4.0.18: both protocols are widely used in the energy, process automation, and monitoring systems sectors. IEC 60870-5-104 is an improvement on IEC 60870-5-101, offering greater efficiency and safety for information exchange between automation and control devices. Versions 101 and 104 are now separated so they can evolve distinctively and more efficiently.
  • Elipse NodeRED – v1.0.2: driver for communicating with Node-RED (, a visual programming platform. Version 1.0.2 fixes Tag Item’s characters encoding.
  • Elipse Allen-Bradley ABDF1 v2.0.17: communication driver for controllers by Rockwell SLC500, Micrologix, ControlLogix, and compatible ones. From version 2.0.17, if the user leaves the Tag’s “Device” field blank, it will assume value “0” (zero) for the controller’s ID address, thus validating the parameterization as correct.
  • Elipse Hochiki FireNet 4127 v3.0.1: communication driver for fire centers, whose function is to monitor, in real time, fire safety systems in facilities. This driver’s application displays detailed reports of all the events in the fire center in a clear, friendly way. Version 3.0.1 updates to IOKit 2.0 standards to ensure its compatibility and efficiency.
  • Elipse WebService v2.0.2: driver that allows different systems and platforms to integrate and exchange information in a standardized, safe way. Its most commonly used protocol is HTTP, for accessing web pages. Version 2.0.2 has the driver migrated to new IOKit v2.00 version 2.0.2. Additionally, SOAP protocol namespaces xsi and xsd are now optional, and the installation failure is fixed.
  • Flir FluxWatts v1.0.2: driver that allows receiving messages from different devices by Teledyne FLIR LLC, as seen in the documentation. The driver updated to receive messages from older versions of the protocol, thus ensuring it will only work with mapped devices. The driver’s previous version required mapping all devices, regardless of the version.
  • VBScript v1.1.7: driver that allows executing code as an independent process that can interact via reading or writing tags. Version 1.1.7 features an option for protecting the code from unwanted editions via password.
  • Alstom BAC v2.0.3: driver used for data exchange between traffic control and train signaling application in the São Paulo subway system. Version 2.0.3 supports Ebilock slave mode.
  • DNP 3.0 v4.0.53: Distributed Network Protocol (DNP) is a communication protocol used in SCADA and remote monitoring systems. It is widely used due to its open standard, which allows any vendor to develop DNP3 devices compatible to other DNP3. Version 4.0.53 fixes a bug that used to take place in drivers pool, where too many events can be received simultaneously.
  • SNMP Manager v.20.26: driver that collects information from network devices, such as switches, routers, servers, and others. It can also change settings to allow creating an Elipse E3 application for monitoring networks and infrastructures from different vendors. The driver supports versions V1, V2C and V3 of the protocol. Version 20.26 improves the support for reading SNMP tables: data exchange for these objects is now more flexible and easily standardized.
  • JCI Metasys 1.0.9: driver for building automation. Version 1.0.9 supports Johnson Controls’s Metasys system’s API version 4, which allows reading tags via polling or subscription/events. Additionally, it can integrate to other Metasys objects.

A comprehensive list of all Elipse drivers and their corresponding documentation is available for download at our website. Check out for the one that best suits your needs!