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Taiwanese company Baufarm visits Elipse Software’s headquarters


Elipse solutions provider for the energy sector in Taiwan has met with Elipse Software representatives earlier this week in Porto Alegre, Brazil

This week, Elipse Software has hosted a meeting for its Taiwanese partner Baufarm at Elipse’s headquarters in Porto Alegre. Evan Liu, Elipse Software’s branch manager in Taiwan, guided the visitors to the company’s facilities. Specialized in providing Elipse solutions for the automation of more than 100 substations currently operating in Taiwan, Baufarm visited Brazil for an update on the latest developments of Elipse platforms for the energy sector.


Mr. Rubem Guimarães Netto Dias (Elipse’s Energy Group Coordinator), Mr. Ricardo Haetinger (Elipse’s President), Ms. Cláudia Masi Messias (Elipse’s Commercial Manager), Mr. Evan Liu (Elipse Taiwan’s Branch Manager), Prof. Gu Jyh Cherng (Baufarm’s Consultant), Mr. Hima Liao Chen Fu (Baufarm’s Vice-President), Ms. Ananda Chuang Wen Hui (wife to Mr. Evan Liu) and Mr. Gerald Hsu Tzu Chieh (Baufarm’s Product Manager)

As a player in the automation market for the past 37 years, Elipse Software develops powerful software tools for real-time management of industrial processes, energy, wastewater, and infrastructure. Headquartered in Porto Alegre, in the South of Brazil, Elipse has four other branches in the country (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, and Curitiba) and two branches abroad (USA and Taiwan).

Since 2008, when its Taiwanese branch was established, Elipse Software has provided cutting-edge technology to Asian companies, especially in the field of substations automation. Currently, there are over 60,000 copies of Elipse’s platforms installed worldwide, which evidences the high quality and performance of its products.