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Power outages are the main problem sources for electric utilities. De-energizing cause since the interruption of service to large dispatch costs and work hours of maintenance teams, also generating penalties by regulators.

Added to this, the real-time restoring maneuvers have the constant risk of undue energizing and endanger both field crews and society in general. Therefore, solutions to mitigate the effects of faults are increasingly being sought by the electricity sector.

Elipse Self-healing solution are used by important companies in Brazil and overseas

Check some success stories using Elipse Self-healing solution

  • Elipse Self-healing streamlines CEMAR’s energy system recomposition

    In February, 2015, this technology allowed recovering, in 10 seconds, 9,463 out of 9,756 customers hit by an energy outage on São Luís distribution network, in northeastern Brazil

    Cliente: Cemar Industry: Energy Products: Elipse Power, Elipse Power ADMS
  • Safer Operation Center at CEMAR with Elipse Power

    Elipse Power automates the power distribution of 160 substations at CEMAR: Companhia Energética do Maranhão (Maranhão's Power Generation Company)

    Cliente: Cemar Industry: Energy Products: Elipse Power ADMS, Elipse Power

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