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In the recent years, electric utilities have been replacing their parks of electromechanical meters for electronic ones. Such meters are smarter and more accurate to generate billing data, besides enabling the execution of remote tasks and the use of loss prevention tools. With an increasing number of such equipment on the network, it becomes necessary to have advanced telemetering and monitoring systems that can manage a large amount of data in real time.

Given this scenario, there are natural concerns for the user. How will the system perform multiple simultaneous collections, with a limited network infrastructure? Being these collections made in a multi-vendors meters park, with different protocols. Furthermore, data integrity depends on manual procedures that always carry the possibility of human errors. It is clear that a Smart Metering system involves much more than simply getting data to generate monthly bills. Maintaining such a system can result in a high engineering cost.

Capable of performing over 200,000 simultaneous connections per server, Elipse Power AMI is the third generation software of Elipse for Meter Data Collection (MDC) systems. In fact, there are two specific advantages for the Elipse Power AMI when compared to other solutions on the market:

  • Integration of metering data regardless of the brand of meters;
  • Integration with any communication infrastructure (such as mesh, private cloud, satellite) and third party MDM (Metering Data Management) systems.


Elipse Power AMI comprises a robust architecture, formed by independent components:

  • Distributed collector servers, allowing instant scalability
  • Independent interface for third-party MDM systems
  • Scheduling functions based on priorities, number of available interfaces and number of available servers
  • Fully asynchronous processing
  • Communication capability with different protocols

Typical architecture of Elipse Power AMI


  • Lower cost of system deployment
  • Lower maintenance and expansion costs
  • Increased reliability of the collected data
  • Reduction of regulatory risk
  • Reduction of losses for incorrect billings
  • Traceability

Elipse solutions for smart metering are employed by major companies in Brazil and worldwide

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