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Elipse FlexControl: SCADA solution with Integrated Engineering


Elipse Software, a global software developer specialized in platforms for real-time process management, is launching a new solution for Industrial Control System (ICS). This new tool offers a development path with ready-made engineering, allowing users with different profiles to configure and keep the process more assertively and productively. With simple programming and easy maintenance, Elipse FlexControl shortens commissioning time and is compatible with several different controllers in the market.

The platform has an internal modeling tool that can describe several different processes via uniform, flexible standardized data exchange. This standardization allows using ready-made interfaces, libraries, and reports that add great value to the solution when compared to traditional SCADA applications, where such features require being individually developed in every application. Because it’s based on Elipse E3, the platform inherits all the characteristics of a robust, flexible SCADA system, and it can be integrated to Elipse Power, Elipse Plant Manager (EPM), and Elipse Mobile.

Being able to use the same robust, flexible standard for all their clients, systems integrators can then minimize costs with development and tech support. Additionally, it allows any staff member to be allocated to any project at any time, because no previous knowledge about the specific project is required for performing maintenance or developing new features.