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Elipse Drivers – November/2023


Check out the latest developments for Elipse drivers

To better integrate our platforms with several types of equipment and automation systems, we at Elipse Software present a portfolio that currently offers more than 470 different drivers. We focus on developing new drivers on a regular basis, as well as on improving and adapting the existing ones for projects that require customized needs.


  • Elipse TagHist – v1.0.1: driver for saving historic data from an application in tags, individually or in groups, in CSV (Comma-Separated Values) format. Data is recorded in values that are read at a fixed interval.
  • Elipse NodeRED – v1.0.1: driver for communicating with Node-RED (, a visual programming platform.


  • AnsaldoSTS MicrolokII – v1.0.4: Microlok II is a protocol developed by Hitachi Rail STS, formerly Ansaldo STS, which applies specifically to railroad interlock solutions. Version 1.0.4 fixes a function in the driver that may cause instability during data reception.
  • Siemens M-Prot (PPI, MPI, ISOTCP) – v4.0.30 and 4.0.31: driver for communicating with industrial networks of the Siemens S7 PLC family (S7-200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, and S7-1500). Version 4.0.30 features tag importers that are compatible with TIA Portal V17 and V18. Version 4.0.31 supports UDTs (User-Defined Types) and arrays whose initial limit is different from 0 (zero). Additionally, visualization for imported PLC tags was amended: the tags are now divided per table. Lastly, an error of calculation for datatypes with reverse and inverted bytes was fixed.
  • Protec – v2.0.1: driver for acquiring events regarding fire detection and alarms, originated by Protec Fire and Security Group Ltd.’s AN95, 6300, X400, 6500 and 6600 control panels. For the latest version 2.0.1, the driver has been converted to IOKit v2.0. It also supports models 6500/6600.
  • Elipse ASCII Generic – v2.0.4: driver for assembling simpler protocols in ASCII format. Requisition and response packs are defined by the user according to each device’s documentation. Version 2.0.4 fixes the preservation of the last valid data received in continuous reading, via Tag “N1 = 3” (Receive Commands).
  • Elipse Modicon Modbus Master (ASC/RTU/TCP) – v4.0.11: driver for communicating with any device supporting Modbus protocol. Works in master/slave mode with the device, and can communicate with any ASCII, RTU, or TCP/Ethertnet formats. Version 4.0.11 fixes Superblocks for bit interpretation (“Use Bit Mask”) and tags parameterized for strings.
  • Elipse Koyo DirectNET – v3.0.2: driver for communicating with Koyo’s PLCs via DirectNET protocol, either Serial or Ethernet, through Hx-ECOM modules. Version 3.0.2 fixes the recovering synchronism between TX and RX messages, discarding any late responses.

A comprehensive list of all Elipse drivers and their corresponding documentation is available for download at our website. Check out for the one that best suits your needs!