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Elipse CloudLink connects Elipse Mobile in the cloud


In the automation market, the information exchange between software systems, controllers and devices is instrumental for the company’s success in business. Operating with no restraints to physical location by interacting these with mobile devices is currently a great advantage. With the advent of Industry 4.0, you can now go even further, migrating the mobile devices’ servers to the cloud, for example, thus generating solutions that are cheaper, easily accessible, fairly usable, and with unlimited capacity for storing data.

In this context, Elipse Software, the global software developer specialized in automation and process management, has just launched the Elipse CloudLink. With it, you can connect the Elipse E3 and Elipse Power to an Elipse Mobile in the cloud. This enables these solutions to be used in new ways, that don’t require purchasing or maintaining fixed-IP computers, certificates, and domains. Therefore, more people will be able to access the Elipse systems: the Elipse CloudLink makes them easier to use and try out, even by people with no experience with IT, thus generating fewer costs.


Elipse CloudLink’s Architecture

If you already have Elipse E3 or Elipse Power running in your computer and wish to try out data visualization in your smartphone, tablet, browser or even a TV set, access and create an account and application where you can select Tags.

Elipse Software aims at being the pioneer and a technological partner in developing SCADA solutions in the cloud. Elipse CloudLink is the first step into this journey.