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Elipse F4: A platform for Industry 4.0


As technology changes move fast and new technologies appear, manufacturing companies are forced to adopt a new vision focused on the implementation of smart, connected, adaptable, and self-organized productive processes, which must also be modeled and simulated virtually. Being aware of this reality, Elipse Software developed Elipse F4, a platform that allows executing the planning, programming, and controlling of production and materials in real time.

Elipse F4 screen

Elipse F4 screen

The concept of Elipse F4 is to evolve from planning and predicting demand to the correct management of inputs and raw materials, organizing the plant process and supply chain, thus becoming the heart of manufacturing processes. Alexandre Balestrin Corrêa, Elipse’s Development Director, highlighted how this new platform turns the production chain’s lifecycle simpler and faster, so decision making can occur in real time.

“Imagine a part as a vehicle that must fulfill a route (flow). It is monitored in real time and, if any problem (variability) occurs, this software rethinks what is the best route to fulfill the previously established plan”, he explains.