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Elipse renews its partnership with Microsoft


“For your commitment to creating and delivering innovative customer solutions and services based on Microsoft technologies, we proudly recognize your dedication to excellence”.

This highlighted phrase appears engraved on the plaque recently received by Elipse Software, which accredited the company to continue using, in a qualified way, Microsoft products and technologies. A certification coveted by many and that, for 23 years, has been part of the reality of this development company creating solutions for process management.

In fact, since 2006, Elipse is no longer a partner, but a gold partner. A Gold Certified Partner represents the highest level of competence and experience in Microsoft technologies. In this level, the company can benefit from a series of resources, support, and other benefits needed for a correct application of the products of the American software giant.

Once certified, Elipse has free access to the content of Microsoft Partner Program’s website, which enables it to receive news, promotions, and the most recent updates released by Microsoft. In addition, every Gold Partner receives a Microsoft Certified Partner plaque, a trophy identifying them as a Gold Partner.

“Every year we commit to improve our products and acquire this important certification. Also, we work with the technical qualification of our professionals, aiming to offer platforms with better quality and in conformity with the requirements demanded by Microsoft”, stated Elipse’s IT Manager, Rafael Folz Farina.

To become a partner, Elipse is subject to a rigorous certification process. The evaluation of the organization is then obtained through the results of approval tests, certification of professionals, and evaluation of cases involving the application of its products together with the ones from Microsoft.

However, just as important as acquiring this certificate is to keep qualified to receive a new plaque at each contract’s renewal period. To make this process easier, several training centers, courses, tutorials, and virtual labs from Microsoft are available to its partners. This ensures them to be updated and prepared to explore, as best as they can, technologies, programs, and systems from the American software giant.

“We are very pleased to renew our partnership with Microsoft, showing our long-term commitment to their technologies to our company and, therefore, also to our clients and partners”, stated Alexandre Balestrin Corrêa, Elipse’s Development Director.