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Import data to Elipse Mobile with more agility


Elipse Software has just released its latest feature: a new data importer that will send data from desktop platforms to its mobile version. This new tool makes for a faster, more agile import process, with data moving directly from Elipse E3 or Elipse Power into Elipse Mobile in short time, in order to facilitate the developer’s tasks. With it, large Elipse E3/Power applications, which previously would take weeks or even months to be fully developed, can now be ready in a few minutes.

The importer comprises a simple library and a demo application that works for both Elipse E3 and Elipse Power. With it, you can convert data to most objects available in Elipse Mobile and edit their icons, colors, and commands.

It also allows configuring alarm colors for displays and/or set points. Additionally, you will be able to generate users for Elipse Mobile based on registers at Windows’s Active Directory, and to establish an automatic connection to the local E3/Power.

José Adriano de Lima, computer engineer at Automalógica, one of Elipse’s solution providers, has recently used the new importer in one of his projects. According to him, this tool has dramatically helped expand the Elipse Mobile applications.

“Applications are usually quite dynamic. New pieces of equipment are added to or removed from them every day, and all the new information has to be developed at Elipse Mobile. Without this importer, we would have to conduct the whole process via Excel or even manually, which would no doubt be very painstaking”, says Lima.

To use the new importer, you will need Elipse Mobile version 1.5.156 or higher. And to import data from E3, you will need to model objects via HighPerformance’s PlantModel library. Click here to download this tool for free.