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Elipse Software supports graduate course at Unisinos


Elipse Software, a global software developer for process management solutions, has signed a technology partnership with Unisinos – University of Vale dos Sinos, in southern Brazil, to promote their new Specialization in Industrial Automation. The course, which is part of the university’s graduate program, has a hybrid nature, with both attended regular classroom activities and e-learning lessons. On-site classes take place at the Porto Alegre campus once a month, on weekends (Saturday and Sunday), and the course’s complete duration is from March 16 to December 18, 2020.

The topics covered by the course syllabus are aligned to the industrial automation market’s needs, enabling students to investigate, project, and implement productive, technological systems. This program stands out among other specializations due to its focus on studies that are related to embedded system applications, connectivity, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and functional security.

This specialization is aimed at engineers and other professionals who are interested in industrial process automation; automatic, secure, functional systems; Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT); data handling; and communication supervisory systems. According to the course’s coordinator, Rodrigo Marques de Figueiredo, this is a reflection of a three-step movement started in the previous years by Unisinos in order to strengthen their relationship with companies and industries.

“The first step was to bring our students closer to the market place. The second was to bring the market’s needs to the classroom. The third and last step was to consolidate these relationships in order to establish Unisinos as a hub for new business opportunities with companies that demand and develop new technology. This is the case of Elipse Software, a company which we are very proud to have had as our longstanding partner in this and other endeavors,” he said.

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