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Elipse develops a new Mitsubishi MC Driver


A Driver is an application that enables exchanging information among applications and different automation devices (remotes, programmable relays, and PLCs, among others). In order to allow its platforms to be applied on a wide range of sectors, Elipse Software now provides more than 400 Drivers compatible with devices from several manufacturers and protocols, such as IEC 61850 and Modbus.

The company also performs a work focused on developing new Drivers, in addition to promoting several improvements and adaptations to existing ones to meet some particular cases demanding customized solutions. In this context, Elipse has just developed version 1.0 of the new Mitsubishi MC (Melsec Communication) Driver.

This Driver connects to devices in Ethernet networks, which were not supported by the existing Mitsubishi Melsec Q. With it, the company’s platforms can communicate with a FX3GE PLC and with PLCs from series A, QnA, and FX3. It is worth noticing that Elipse worked with Mitsubishi Electric from Brazil in the development of this Driver.

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Elipse develops software tools for the management, in real time, of processes connected to manufacturing, power, sanitation, infrastructure, and industrial processes, integrating all systems into a single architecture, capable of transforming data into strategic information, thus generating more profit to businesses. Working on the automation market for 32 years, the company works hard to provide a wide range of options, ensuring high performance on communication and connectivity.

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