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New Elipse drivers for the healthcare area


Due to the current scenario of potential widespread biohazard imposed by COVID-19 to patients and health professionals, new technologies that optimize the safety and quality of care to which they are exposed represent welcome, necessary changes. It is in this challenging context that Elipse Software, a global software developer for remote process management, launches its three newest drivers: BBraun, Philips Respironics, and HL7.

With these drivers, the Elipse E3 platform is able to connect to and monitor different types of hospital equipment used in ICU beds and infirmaries, such as infusion pumps, ventilators, and respirators. We should point out that these drivers are compatible with/adaptable to equipment from several vendors, so that the application can be expanded for automation with different healthcare systems.

As of today, Elipse Software has a portfolio of over 450 drivers that interact with several different vendors and protocols. The company is also focused on developing new drivers, as well as to promoting improvements in previously developed equipment in order to meet the demands from any specific new cases that require customized solutions.

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