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Elipse Software joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage


The availability of Elipse Software products on the Google Marketplace will be the starting point for the partnership




Porto Alegre, Aug 31st, 2023 — Elipse Software announced today that it has joined Google Cloud Partner Advantage as a Build Partner giving Google Cloud customers the ability to deploy Elipse Software products into Google Cloud Platform seamlessly.

As a Google Cloud partner, Elipse Software offers customers real-time SCADA platform for mission critical applications, visualization and analysis tools. Key features include:

  • Connection to most devices (PLCs, remote devices, data hubs) on the market;
  • Reduced time while developing and maintaining applications;
  • Integrated monitoring and management platform.

About Elipse Software

We develop software tools for real-time management of several processes related to energy, infrastructure, and industry segments, based on solid knowledge and experience gathered throughout our history.

We connect hundreds of devices and systems, transforming data into strategic information and striving for innovation in how our clients operate and maintain their assets and processes for improved operational efficiency, maximized yield and minimized losses, and scale gains.

Our headquarters are in Porto Alegre, in the south of Brazil; we also have branches in four other Brazilian capitals (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, and Curitiba) and our own offices in the United States and Taiwan, in addition to business partners in Germany, India, Argentina, Chile, Peru, China, Thailand, Singapore, Portugal and Vietnam, among others. More than 60,000 copies of our systems are currently in use in different types of applications worldwide.