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Elipse Software releases HighPerformance Template 2.0


The HighPerformance concept (HP) is a way to provide the user with better usability and higher operational security by optimizing the process of identifying and correcting anomalies. This methodology aims to increase the user’s situational awareness through a more rational use of colors, shapes, and layout of different objects, offering a more accessible, efficient, pleasant experience with no cognitive overload to the user.

“All these features have a positive impact in application development and learning,” says Helcker Goetz, Elipse Software’s design analyst.

Released by Elipse Software, HighPerformance Template 2.0 introduces easily configurable templates as well as other more complex features that have already been developed or previously structured, such as smart browsing, consistent menus, color and theme standardization, visual hierarchy, unique alerts and alarms, visualization configuration, and monitor matrices. It also offers translation to different languages and XML coding. The demo application now allows you to simulate, at runtime, different configuration possibilities for almost all HP objects.


RadarCharts provided by HighPerformance Template

Special attention was paid to documentation in this new version, which features a manual with tutorials for configuring more complex resources, in addition to references to all HP objects. The documentation messages of Studio objects properties were also standardized. Finally, new icons were created for hplcons library, and the translator module was reformulated to allow dictionary portability from one application to another. It is important to point out that this new version is ready to be applied immediately to Elipse E3 and Elipse Power solutions.