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Version 6.1 of Elipse E3 and Elipse Power released with new features in the analysis tool


Elipse Software, a global software developer specialized in solutions for real-time process management, has just released the latest version of two of its main products, Elipse E3 and Elipse Power. The platforms’ version 6.1 features improvements in performance and the TrendAnalysis tool.

TrendAnalysis has now a better graphic interface, which supports monitors configured in larger DPI scales. It also allows the user to select scales for the visual elements. Additionally, new methods were added to enable configuring the interface with the operator via scripts.

The Hot-Standby logic of the platforms was also updated, and is now better prepared to handle minor network instabilities. In addition to the improvements made to Elipse E3, Elipse Power 6.1 also features some updates, such as Self-Healing module’s new configuration, which optimizes control of the reclosing cycle. For further information, check ou the release notes for Elipse E3 6.1 and Elipse Power 6.1.

Elipse E3: The perfect SCADA platform for critical mission systems, the scalable, ever-evolving Elipse E3 serves several types of applications, from basic HMI interfaces to complex operating centers working in real time. Adding high performance and connectivity to over 450 communication protocols, the software offers advanced programming resources for real-time management and control of various industrial processes, such as wastewater, smart buildings, petrochemical, food, and infrastructure, integrating all these systems into a single architecture.

Elipse Power: The integrated platform for intelligent management of electrical systems,  Elipse Power offers an integrated communication, modeling, and analysis environment that makes up a modern EMS/ADMS system, which can be applied to operating centers for generating, transmitting, and distributing for industrial plants and renewable energies. The software’s integrated architecture is easily accessible will all the information necessary for the process of operating energy networks, thus providing the optimal solution for increasing efficiency and reducing operational costs.