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Elipse Software’s Product Version Life Cycle


Understanding Elipse Software’s Product Version Life Cycle

The Elipse Software’s Product Version Life Cycle defines a support policy for Elipse Software products, limiting the rendering of this service only to those versions that have not reached the Support Ending Date (SED). The Product Version Life Cycle helps clients and partners to manage investments and automation environments, bringing consistency and predictability to a good strategic planning for the future. Elipse Software always provides the best client support. Therefore, the company established a Product Version Life Cycle that ensures technical support for 3 (three) years after release.

The next table contains a list of Elipse Software products and their respective versions, release dates, and Support Ending Dates.

cvp-table*Version 5.0 of Elipse Plant Manager was released on 08/21/2023. Therefore, the end date of its support changes to 08/21/2026.