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Elipse E3 Lite’s new 950-tag version


Developed by Elipse Software, Elipse E3 is a well-established SCADA platform for process monitoring and control that delivers high scalability and steady growth for several types of applications, from basic HMI interfaces to complex operating systems. In order to meet the needs of applications in any size, the solution offers different types of packages to the software market, among which is E3 Lite, the ideal solution for standalone applications, whose new 950-tag version has just been released.

The new package provides one Viewer per application and maintains the best technical resources available for E3 Server, including the over 450 I/O drivers developed by Elipse. Additionally, it allows upgrading to the Server versions at any moment, thus ensuring the project’s scalability and preserving your investments from the very beginning. Please note Elipse’s newer, more competitive business conditions for purchasing E3 Lite.

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