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More user-friendly control at your fingertips


Virtual environments have experienced an unprecedented surge in the last year and a half due to the COVID-19 pandemics; they are now ubiquitous, helping people keep safe at home while still allowing life to go on as normally as possible. The same goes for corporations: with no other option but to adopt the home-office model to keep businesses afloat, most companies’ staffs now work from home, keeping in touch with colleagues and clients via Internet. It is in this context that, alongside computers and notebooks, smartphones are now even more essential for business management (and subsequent followup) than ever.

Given this new reality, Elipse Software, a company specialized in developing solutions for real-time process management, has just launched Elipse Mobile Cloud. This new technology combines Elipse Mobile, a platform for accessing supervisory applications via mobile phones and tablets, and Elipse Cloud Link driver, also developed by Elipse, a driver that provides the Elipse Mobile server in the cloud as a service. By accomplishing this, Elipse Mobile becomes easier to handle, since it no longer requires the server to be installed and configured.

Using Elipse Mobile Cloud is very simple. To do so, just create an account at, connect it to Elipse E3 or Elipse Power, Elipse’s supervisory software platforms, and subscribe to one of the service plans offered by the company. It should be noted that Elipse Mobile Cloud is already being used by Cesama – Companhia de Saneamento Municipal to remotely monitor its system of water collection, treatment, and supply in Juiz de Fora, municipality in the countryside of Minas Gerais, southeast of Brazil.

MiniTrend and Chart

From this version on (v. 1.5.155), Elipse Mobile has been updated to feature two new objects for graphic data analyses. MiniTrend is a display that shows a simple trend chart, and Chart allows a magnified view of the zoom features. The software’s latest version is available for download at the Apple and Android stores.