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Elipse E3 generates substantial productivity gains at Paranoá Rubber Industry

Solution developed by Elipse Software controls all processes and devices involved in the manufacture of truck mats and automotive pipes at Paranoá Rubber

Published in 21/10/2022


Headquartered in Diadema, in the countryside of São Paulo state, Paranoá Rubber Industry is a family-run business that has produced truck mats and pipes for the automotive sector since 1963. In 2018, the company opted for digitalizing its processes via a smart, autonomous system that works alongside machines and people.

In order to carry out this digitalization process, Paranoá Rubber searched for an affordable technology, which could easily interact and connect with hundreds of equipment pieces and databases. Ultimately, the solution that would meet all these needs is Elipse E3, the platform developed by Elipse Software.


With Elipse E3, Paranoá Rubber has achieved complete, integrated control of all the equipment and processes taking place at their mat manufacturing units.  The software monitors all the steps during production, from weighing and foaming to finish and packaging. Through algorithms, it can also send the necessary information so that technicians, operators, and administrators are able to decide on the correct course of action to be taken with the machines.

Additionally, Elipse E3 works as an opportunities radar that identifies the better patterns and automatically updates them for future productions. For example, the system can perform a real-time chronoanalyse to indicate recommended patterns, that is, the best operational sequence to be executed so that the process can be customized as much as possible.


Operation control in a thermoforming machine

The software by Elipse also allows controlling the autoclaves and extruders employed in the process of manufacturing automotive pipes for hydraulic steering, cooling, and fuel, among others. With Elipse E3, the production of 32 different pipe models can be monitored for time, pumps, and other variables and devices used in the process.

During production, the software allows the machines to contact logistic operators directly (by phone or other technologies) to notify them when raw materials need re-feeding or finished products are ready for pickup, a process that is integrated to the company’s ERP.


Controlling time in an autoclave


According to Carlos Cesar dos Santos Júnior, Paranoá Rubber’s innovation manager, Elipse E3 represents a substantial gain in productivity and reduction of scrap, which in turn leads to better use of input material.

“We have eliminated any issues regarding raw material inventory,” he adds.

Working alongside the company’s ERP system, the software has optimized processes and costs with material, which ensures a better quality to their products. Such encouraging results had an unexpected outcome: they inspired Paranoá Rubber to invest on their on startup company.

“Motivated by the results, we created DataWake, a startup that offers our digital solution in a convenient, simple way and at competitive costs,” says Luiz Gustavo Kass Mwosa, partner and CEO of the new company.

Check out the list below for other important benefits obtained by Paranoá Rubber with Elipse E3:

  • Substantial gain in productivity of truck mats and automotive pipes;
  • Reduced scrap;
  • Optimized processes and costs with material;
  • Increased product quality;
  • Greater agility, productivity, and operational security.


Client: Paranoá Rubber Industry

Solution provider: DataWake Digital

Elipse product used: Elipse E3

Platform: Windows Server 2012 R2 Standart

Number of copies: 41 (1 E3 Server 5000 + 1 E3 Studio + 38 E3 Viewers +1 E3 Viewer Only)

Number of I/O points: 5,000

I/O Drivers: Modbus, Vbscrpit, vision280, MQTT, M-PROT, Omron FINS, and ZebraZPLII