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Elipse Plant Manager new version released

New version enhances your data analysis experience

New version enhances your data analysis experience

The key variable to any operation, no matter its level of complexity, is information. Data must be able to navigate error-free through all corporate levels, without interferences. Failing to do so would cause the company to waste time and money and, more importantly, to hinder its credibility.

Attuned to current market demands on information handling, Elipse Software has released the latest version of its real-time data management platform for collecting, storing and analyzing process data. Elipse Plant Manager (EPM) version 3.0 has greatly improved from its previous version’s usability and functionality; access to information is made easier with Elipse Data Model, which synchronizes to Elipse E3 and Elipse Power automatically.

This new module ensures that the same data structure be used in synch for both analysis and operation, thus reducing system configuration costs and enhancing information reliability. For example, any expansions at operational level are automatically reflected on the top layers of the information chain, and performance reports are then updated accordingly.

Additionally, EPM version 3.0 allows the team to work collaboratively by sharing notes on the system’s variables’ historic data for further analysis. Also, complex events that demand recording occurrences can be developed in the platform’s new version.

Subscribers to Elipse Care are entitled to customized support and access to all the latest updates available not only for EPM, but also for all other solutions developed by Elipse Software as well.