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Description Size Version Link

EPM OPC Proxy v3
EPM OPC Proxy´s Installer

49.6 MB 3.16.67

EPM Add-In for Microsoft Excel v3
EPM Add-In for Microsoft Excel´s Installer

74.1 MB 3.16.67

EPM Webserver v3
EPM Webserver Installer

26.72 MB 3.16.184

EPM Portal v3
EPM Portal Installer

105.94 MB 3.16.184

EPM Server v3
EPM Server´s Installer

140.86 MB 3.16.176

EPM Studio v3
EPM Studio´s Installer

99.44 MB 3.16.171

EPM Interface Server v3
EPM Interface Server´s Installer

71.17 MB 3.16.144

Driver ODBC for EPM Server.

38.64 MB 3.16.067

EPM Processor v1
EPM Processor Installer
Information and Sample on Elipse Software GitHub Site

245.95 MB 1.04.017

Elipse Data Model 1.0
Elipse Data Model 1.0 Installer

16.67 MB 1.00.126


Description Size Version Link

EPM Release Notes
Document describing the new features of EPM

909.09 KB 3.08.084

EPM Manual
Document describing EPM features

11.12 MB 2.29.044


Description Size Version Link

HASP Run-time Environment Installer (haspdinst)
Software for detecting hardkey (formerly "Hinstall") - for Windows Vista and older systems

18.95 MB 7.63

EPM Tag Port
On demand dataset EPM tool
More information and examples on Elipse Software GitHub

9.2 MB 3.07.341

EPM SDK Python Language (EPM v3)
EPM SDK Python Language (EPM v3) from Python 2.7

1.11 MB 3.02

epmwebapi (Python 3.6)
Python module for accessing EPMServer data through EPMWebServer
More information and examples on Elipse Software GitHub

36.03 KB 1.02.026

DatasetAnalysis Python Plugin Sample (EPM v.3)
Sample implementation in Python plugins for Dataset Analysis of EPM Studio. Just unzip to 'My Documents/Elipse Software/EPM Studio/Plugins'

18.02 KB 1.0