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Trains and Railroads

Intelligent software for automating passengers’ terminals, energy distribution, and traffic control, approved by the largest train and subway companies in Brazil. Open, flexible, scalable solutions for managing traffic’s automation, energy, and supervision integrate all components in a metro railroad system



Elevators and escalators control, fire detection and fighting systems, collection and passengers control, telecoms (telephones, internet, radio, and servers) and multimedia, among others. Time schedules and automated actions from events set up directly by operators or supervisors in control consoles.




All the way from feeding substations and tracks to load monitoring and traction control.


Traffic Monitoring and Control


Complete solution for traffic managing: data acquisition from RTUs with specific protocols; tracks, itinerary, and time schedule modelling; real-time monitoring of activities. Train lines of any size are operated safely with our solution.




  • Open system: more flexibility to connect with pre-existing and future devices, more freedom of choice of hardware vendors or communication technologies;
  • Default stations and servers in the market: virtualization;
  • Communication infrastructure’s and devices’ diagnosis;
  • State-of-the-art alarms’ and events’ monitoring;
  • Fully customizable commands and visualization components;
  • Complete technological domain of the whole solution by the end user.

Our solutions for trains and railways are employed by major companies in Brazil and worldwide.

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  • Porto Alegre Aeromóvel controlled via tablet with Elipse Mobile

    Elipse Software technology allows monitoring speed, brakes, and doors of the vehicle that connects Salgado Filho Airport’s Terminal 1 to Trensurb’s train station

  • Elipse E3 monitors and controls stations of the São Paulo subway – Line 4 (Yellow)

    This case presents the E3 application to monitor and execute commands in many different sectors, devices and subsystems in Luz, República, Paulista, Faria Lima, Pinheiros, Fradique Coutinho and Butantã substations

    Cliente: Grupo CCR Industry: Private: Transport Product: Elipse E3
  • Elipse E3 application in Rio de Janeiro’s rail transportation power system

    This case presents an E3 application developed to automate substations and other components integrating the power grid of Rio de Janeiro’s rail transportation system

    Cliente: SuperVia Industry: Private: Transport Product: Elipse E3

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