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Every day, a massive amount of data is collected from various sources in industries from many different sectors. In most cases, though, the data just remains untouched and is not transformed into valuable information for these businesses, such as early failure detection or possible solutions for the production line and for the corporation as a whole. In many companies, this gap is currently being filled by Machine Learning techniques.

The Machine Learning techniques allow identifying recurring patterns and trends in order to reduce costs with workforce, enhance products’ quality, reduce the number of unplanned stops, improve transition times, and increase production speed. Due to systems’ complexity and the sheer amount of data involved in this process, this can prove to be a strenuous task.

For these purposes, we offer a complete set of tools designed to make application development and management very much easier, from efficient data collection and storage to simulation and automatic execution of Machine Learning models.

Since most corporations are still in the early stages of adopting this technology, there is still time for establishing your company as one of the pioneers of Machine Learning.  




  • Open architecture with over 400 drivers from main vendors, providing integration of different systems and devices, including legacy devices;
  • Python-language programming environment for developing not only Machine Learning but also other scripts, which allows users to employ tools such as scikit-learntensor flow, among others;
  • Isolated development, tests, simulation, and production environments;
  • Intellectual protection;
  • Easily distributed and implemented.


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